Worship Experience Team

At All Nations Church we are endeavoring to create a truly immersive worship experience.  We use all the tools at our disposal in order to encourage and inspire people in their relationship with Jesus. In light of this we are known as the W.E.T. (Worship Experience Team). Our job is to make the s†ar look good.

You’ll find him at the big desk at the back of the auditorium.  He’s watching and perfecting the sound, lights and more.  Shawn Pitzel takes good care of our tech and ensures the presentation is our best.

Shawn Pitzel | Creative Director

As an accomplished musician, John Felsman leads the church to a place where people find hope.  The message in the music is strong and delivered by a great team.  Have a listen and you’ll hear the heartbeat of God in our music.

John Felsman | Worship Pastor

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