Small Groups FAQ

What is a Small Group?

Small Groups is a ministry of All Nations Church, designed to involve anyone who is interested in partnering with other in their spiritual growth. Over the years, hundreds of people have participated in our Small Groups, and relationships are continually forming as All Nations Church builds on its commitment to connect people through Small Groups.

We can place you in a Small Group, according to your individual interests or location; help you to organize a Small Group for informal bible study; assist you in acquiring curriculum materials for your group; and train you in your leadership role.

How do I get involved?

We’re available to help you get connected with a Small Group as a participant. If you want information about when and where groups are
meeting contact us during the week or at the Small Group Booth on Sundays during service.

We’re always looking for people to join us in serving in this growing ministry as a host or leader. If you believe that Small Groups are an ideal place for people to grow in their faith, see us at the Small Groups booth to find out how you can help.

What happens in a Small Group?

Many of us discovered that God’s purpose for our lives included becoming connected with others, worshipping God through prayer, serving others with our gifts, being discipled through the study of God’s word, and sharingthe Good News about Jesus Christ with others.  All of these purposes have a place in a Small Group.

In Small Groups, a host opens their home, and may also lead the discussion or have another member of the group serve as the leader. Refreshments are usually served, and members participate in a discussion that is centered on the bible, and which may be accompanied by a video teaching time.  There is time set aside for prayer, including the personal prayer requests of members.  You can get to know others in this informal setting and grow with them, as each of you seeks God’s purpose for your life.

What studies are being used?

All Nations Church is committed to helping you learn God’s word.  We most often follow learning material associated with the Current Sermon Series.  You can follow the Small Groups Notes provided here.



The Small Groups Catalog is Available:

Download Small Group Catalog


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