October 2014 Swastika, Ontario


It was very exciting to serve our neighbours in Northern Ontario.

This trip opened us up to a whole new world of low-cost, low-hassle service in our own backyard.

On Thanksgiving Monday we took a team of 12 to Swastika, Ontario for a week. This tiny town is located about 3 hours away from Greater Sudbury, and about 10 minutes away from Kirkland Lake.

Our team was made up of volunteers of all ages – from 9 to 80+. This was a fantastic week of getting to know one another and helping out a church plant that was just getting going in Northern Ontario.

Riverside Community Church was packing up their things from the old church where they had been ministering for years. They were starting a new journey of being able to reach out more in their community from a school building that had been closed down due to lack of attendance. Riverside bought the school building for about $65,000 (even though it was worth more than $1,000,000). They were able to sell the old church building for about the same price.

The All Nations Church team slept in the school building, cleared out the last of the things from the old church, renovated and painted areas of the new church location in the school, and spent some time meeting Swastika locals. It was a relaxed, fun time of ministry in the north.

This is a team journal from our week in Swastika:

Swastika 2014 Team Journal

Swastika 2014 Team Journal

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