Covenant Of Belonging

I have received Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Through this Covenant
of Belonging, I declare the intention of committing myself to the
family of believers at All Nations Church, and to live out God’s
purpose in my life through the following:

Warmth of Our Caring (Fellowship)

I will do my best to promote unity in the church, through the warmth
of my caring by:
Accepting people where they are,
Giving them a chance to grow, and
Encouraging them on their journey.

Word in Our Mind (Discipleship)

I will be a disciple, to the best of my ability by:
Following Jesus example of baptism,
Spending time daily in prayer and reading the Word of God, and
Joining a small group for encouragement, growth and outreach.

Work of Our Hands (Ministry)

I will serve in my church, and encourage and pray for the leaders
of All Nations Church as they work to equip me for ministry, by:
Using my spiritual gifts,
Participating in acts of service, and
Using my abilities, personality and experiences.

Worship of Our Heart (Worship)

I will worship God by:
Living my life in a way that is pleasing to God,
Regularly attending church, and
Giving financially to support God’s mission through our church.

Witness of Our Lives (Mission)

I will help my church reach others by:
Praying for those who don’t attend church,
Inviting the unchurched to attend,
Sharing what God is doing in my life,
Welcoming visitors, and
Protecting the unity of my church by refusing to gossip.

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