Where is All Nations Church located?

All Nations Church has it’s ministry outpost at 414 St. Raphael St., Sudbury Ontario.  This building includes it’s offices, auditorium, studio, cafe and kids space.

What time is your service?

Our live service is at 10:00am Sunday Mornings in the auditorium at 414 St. Raphael St., Sudbury, ON.  Should you happen to miss it, we record the message and make it available on our site as an HD video podcast which you can view on the Live Stream page.

What kind of counseling can I get through All Nations Church?

The counseling services we provide are in the areas of grief, trauma, and relationships for individuals and couples.  Please contact the church office for bookings.

I’m having problems with the website. Who can I tell?

You can contact the webmaster Atheson Harper directly via email

I want to download the podcasts. What do I do?

Our podcast are all available free in iTunes. You can go directly to them here.

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